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Please notice that the item's images shown, are displayed in a smaller and lower quality to preserve a reasonable page load time, the in-game items however are at a much higher quality!


About our clothing downloads

The downloads on DMS2C are compressed files.
you might need to download a program such as WINZIP to unpack these files.
If you are new to "ZIP" files please check out this page

Unzip and place the "*.package" file in the "Downloads" directory where your sims game is installed.
For example: "C:\My documents\EA games\The Sims 2\Downloads"

If you do not have a "\Downloads" directory,  then you should create one.

Clothing icons:
Beneath every clothing image you can see two icons, this shows what kind of clothing type it is, and which The Sims 2 expansions are needed in order to make the file work.

Clothing types:

= Full clothing set   = Top only   = Bottom only 

= You need The Sims 2.

= You need the University expansion.

= You need the Nightlife expansion.

= You need the Open for business expansion.

= You need the Family fun stuff pack.

= You need the Glamour life stuff pack.

= You need the Pets expansion.

= You need the Seasons expansion.

= You need the Celebration stuff pack.

= You need the H&M Fashion stuff pack.

= You need the Bon Voyage expansion.

= You need the Teen Style Stuff pack.

= You need the Free Time expansion.

= You need the Kitchen & Bath Interior Design Stuff pack.

= You need the IKEA Home Stuff pack.

= You need the Apartment Life expansion.

= You need the Mansion & Garden Stuff pack.